Zessha(Lit.Copy Toungue)Is a Kekkei Genkai Ability that is unique in that it centers in the users toungue. It takes the form of an inverted pentagram on the users tongue. It allows the user to obtain another persons jutsu,,any unique abilities and memories by drinking or tasting their blood as long as the blood touches the inverted pentagram.However after it tastes or drinks the blood the user must immediatly go into a hibernation state for a day so that everyone of the changes falls into place,leaving the person who has it in a completely vulnerable state because they cant wake up after one day and one night.Another problem is that while the memories fall into place the user suffers every emotion the person who had them had,be it happiness,sadness,sorrow,etc..For now the only person shown using it is Kaizo Ichisane.

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