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Zhou "Mao" Xingke, simply called "Xing Ke", 24 years old, is a member of the Sun Universe and part of a faction fiercely loyal to the Empress Tianzi, a trait not shared by any of his superiors. It seems that part of his goal is to reestablish the throne of the Sun Lands as the clear authority, as the current Empress is the head of a puppet government, with Eunuchs holding actual power in the country as well as help the many impoverished citizens living in the Sun Universe.

After the United Federation of Nations is formed, Xing Ke is appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the Yasuragindou Knights.

Xingke is exceptionally skilled in close combat, especially with swords. He is capable of drawing his blade, striking, and sheathing it without his victims perceiving the blade being drawn or Xing moving. In addition to his physical skills, Xing is highly intelligent, using the chaos from the Yasuragindou Knights presence in the Sun Universe Consulate to discreetly assassinate Tui Haitou. He is also able to anticipate Suzaku's strategies and counter them. Senna comments that he is not only a skilled warrior, but possesses political skill as well. Xing Ke's strength and intelligence is said to rival that of Suzaku and Hikaru, respectively, though this has yet to be proven.

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