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Zokujin Path
Ryun's Main Path
Kanji: 外道
Classification: Kekkai Genkai, Ninjutsu
Parent Jutsu: Four Paths of Ryun
Derived Jutsu: Gyoken
User(s): Ryun Mazuka

The Zokujin path (ゾクジン, Earthly pathway), the first body to be shown of Ryun's Four Paths of Ryun jutsu, was the body of an unknown Konohagakure shinobi. It the most often seen and used of the Paths of Ryun, and acted as Ryun's representative during reconnaissance missions and is his primary path in difficult battles. Its main abilities revolved around manipulating the Kekkai Genkai(s) of the Mazuka clan: Taifugan/Chuto Taifugan, Inton and Yōton. It uses Ryun's most powerful technique, Gyoken and it's variants, all of which are Inton.


It's main powers, revolve around use of the Taifugan, and different forms of the Izanami technique. He has been seen using Izanami and a number of genjutsu while using the Taifugan. While he has yet to actually name any of these genjutsu, they are presumably very strong, however, it should be noted that although these genjutsu are cast via the eyes, they are not Taifugan techniques. They are merely strengthened by the Taifugan. The difference between Ryun and the two prior users of Taifugan is his, harnessing the chakra controlling powers of Izanami, capable of manipulating the directions of the chakra, and even extinguishing them at will. He is also able to control the shade and direction of Izanami to aid him in battle for a number of versatile tactics.

In addition to Izanami manipulation, the Zokujin path can also inexplicably use a number of other miscellaneous jutsu, something none of the other bodies have been shown doing. It can use the Earth Release: Earth Style Wall, to protect the other paths or Ryun himself. It can also control gravity through the electrical currents Yin Release, and then using Yōton (aka, Yang Release) to use positive and negative electrical currents of electricity to attract and repel substances.


  • As with many of Ryun's techniques, it is influenced by Christian terminology. The first path, Zokujin, refers to the Earthly affairs of a human life before coming to Christ.

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