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Naruto character

Age 25
Blood Type Unknown
Gender Male
Current Location With The Kurojin
Village of Origin Kusagakure
Rank Missing-nin
Height: 164 cm
Weight: Unknown
Current Team: The Kurojin
Name Meaning: Zou=Hide, kusa=Grass


Zoukusa has dark-green hair, wears a camouflage cloak, a ANBU mask in front of his face, a katana attached to his back, wears bear claws-like gloves and a kunai-holder attached to his left leg.


Zoukusa was an average student in the ninja academy, passed the Genin exam on his second try and made a great talent in earth styled ninjutsu. As a Chunin, he was sent alot outside of the Hidden Grass Village, and made some friends in the Waterfall Country. A year after, he was chosen as an ANBU, and did a lot in the service. Later the years, as an ANBU, he tried to kill the village leader, and failed. He was then banned from the Grass Country, and joined The Kurojin.

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