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Zuura Kai is the name for warrior duels or ninja duels. It is possible for the opponents to fight to the death. The outcome affects the honor of both duelists. It appears to be a popular way to resolve conflicts and a source of entertainment for spectators.

The goal in these duels is to knock an opponent off-balance, and incapacitate (fatally or otherwise) with a final blow. The favored finishing move seems to be a direct attack to the face.

Any Ninja may participate, male or female can be challenged. Kages, Sennins, and even the Sekennousama can also be challenged, but that rarely happens.


If one person has a dispute with another person, he or she may challenge the other person to an Zuura Kai. If the challenge is accepted, the two combatants move to either an official dueling area or whatever open area is available, such as a parade ground or plaza. The ceremonial opening begins with the two combatants opposite each other with their backs turned. The combatants stand, face each other, shed their shoulder garment (used only in formal Zuura Kai), and begin the duel as soon as the gong sounds. The Zuura Kai is over when either party is incapable of continuing, whether by exhaustion, incapacitation, or death.


  • The word "Zuura Kai" was created by using two already existing words. Zuura is a Sanskrit word meaning "warrior".
  • Kai is the Japanese word for 'meeting'. It is most commonly used in the sense of a business meeting, but it can also mean a general meeting of two or more people.

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